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The Maglite Super Bowl Spectacular!

So another Super Bowl in the bag. Another pretty good time watching two teams I have no real feelings about. I mean we have been lucky as a world the last few years with pretty good games to watch. No longer has it been all about the commercials and halftime show! Now its only kind of about those! Well lets get those out of the way then. The opening staring slim fasted Jennifer Hudson a choir, but here is the “hook”… They were survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting. It managed to hit mostly the right amount of somber sentimentality celebrity our country likes, so its all good. But those little rapscallions were easily upstaged by the “Trolololo” sign language interpreter. I believe the kids call it “supermaning a [garden utensil]”. 

While most of the girls I’ve talked to were sups-stups excited about a Destiny’s Child reunion, I couldn’t help but wonder how pissed the two other children felt about singing Bey’s songs. They also looked as if they were concerned about the amount of jelly that would be on stage, not nearly as bootilicious as Beyonce. 

Good show indeed. Probably the best thing about it was its simplicity in performers. Outside of the flaming guitar, there didn’t really seem to be any missteps, unless you include no Jigga Jay-Z cameo. But as my dad pointed out to me, this show was “Girls Only!”

As per usual, the commercials were overhyped. Not bad, not great, just several commercials of varying success, being judged on a ridiculous scale. They haven’t been the same since the late 90s, early 00s in my opinion. Some good stuff, was definitely on display, but maybe we could stop acting like this is the Super Bowl of commercial viewing events and treat it like the “Stanley Cup” of commercial viewing events. Ram’s black and white “Farmer” commercial was very well done, but felt like it had be hit on before with Levi’s commercials a few years ago. That said, its what everyone is talking about, no such thing as bad publicity I suppose. I prefer seeing a astronaut baby walking next to an astronaut baby panda. Surely too much cuteness for the lights in the Superdome. Also, I don’t care what you say, Fast Five was as good of a summer popcorn flick thats ben out in a while. I’m looking forward to Fast and Furious 6: Boeing Drift. 

I guess I could touch on the game a smidgen. The blackout helped the 49ers get the momentum back to nil, but the Ravens held strong. And by held strong I mean they got not one, but two brutal holding no-calls in the last 30 seconds of the game. The only possible reason is that a white suit Ray Lewis had Ed Hochuli locked up and gaged before the game. Wait, that doesn’t make sense, Ed Hochuli is made of pure essence of deer antler. 

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